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Cleanse the air in your residential and commercial property by simply trusting the expert duct cleaners in Melbourne. The alternative? Failing to clean the air vents and ducts will result in poor or impaired functionality of your entire heating/cooling system. What's even worse, at some point you might even have to replace the whole system. But we have the cure for that – thorough duct cleaning, performed by a licensed technician. The Fantastic duct cleaners are all equipped with the necessary tools, allowing them to deliver the cleanse your home needs.

How Can the Duct Cleaners Help You

Simply put, the established technicians will completely clean and sanitise your entire ductwork. That will get you cleaner air, top cooling/heating system performance, and as a result – lower electricity bills.

All of that is ensured by the expertise of the technicians as well as the method they use. It consists of sealing the ductwork, loosening the built up dirt, debris, dust, and other pollutants and taking it all out. Once the air infrastructure is vacuumed clean, the technician will take out all removable parts of your air system and clean them as well. The entire process is optimised so it gives the best results possible while taking up as little of your time as possible.

You can also count on the fantastic cleaners for a whole range of duct cleaning services, including residential and commercial duct cleaning, heating duct cleaning, air conditioning system cleaning and air conditioning duct cleaning, extractor and exhaust cleaning, as well as all types of heating and cooling systems installation and maintenance.

Schedule the Fantastic Duct Cleaning in Melbourne. It's a Bargain

And along the perfect results, the duct cleaning services come with some exclusive benefits for you. Among these you'll find:

  • Prompt help – we've got 24/7 support chat & phone lines
  • Wide coverage – we service the entire city of Melbourne
  • Expertise – you get the services of well-­trained & equipped cleaners
  • Span of services – we'll clean every type of cooling/heating system there is
  • Deals – there are a lot of them waiting for your call

Hurry up and get hold of the support operators today. Our advisors will tell you everything you want to know and give you a free, no­-obligation quote.

Fantastic Duct Cleaning Melbourne Fantastic Duct Cleaning Melbourne


Fast and reliable service, from some genuinely nice people. Our air conditioning was as good as new by the time they left, and it cost far less than we expected. Thank you.

Mike & Sam

Your team of cleaners did a great job on our laundry - it was amazing how much rubbish came out of those pipes! No wonder the room was smelling so stale.

Margaret S.

I really couldn’t make a strong enough recommendation for your duct cleaners! The blockage was cleared in no time, and the price was very reasonable too.

Gary O.

A very big ‘thank you’ to your team. I manage a complex that features an underground carpark, and I had no idea just how much carbon monoxide was being trapped in there by clogged exhaust pipes. I dread to think what might have happened without your help

Joseph M.

When we moved in, we never thought to check the air con. Then Summer came, and we realised too late that it didn’t work! Thanks again, for helping us to breathe in our own home!

Sally & Mack McG.

Superb service. Very competitive price for commercial duct cleaning, and a friendly, helpful team.

Mr T. Willoughby
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